About Dogwood Acres Family Farm

With over a combined 30 years of providing top-quality service to our clients, we’re here to ensure you get the perfect plants to create a thriving garden.

Transform Your Yard and Join in on Our Events

As a garden center, we’re passionate about helping you create the perfect outdoor space with our expert gardening advice and plant care.

Quality Products

We’re known for our stunning annuals, grown with care in our own greenhouses.


Your family can have a blast by joining our fall, summer, and winter activities.


From garden planning to plant care, we ensure your garden thrives.

Where We’re Going

Dogwood Acres Family Farm is evolving into an “agri-entertainment” destination, keeping its history alive while expanding offerings. The farm store will remain open, continuing to sell house-grown plants.

Plans include adding activities such as you-pick produce fields, farm tours, a restaurant, a brewery, and catering events. We’re creating an exciting future that honors its past by preserving the family farming roots while enhancing the visitor experience.

Whether you have years as a gardener or just starting, we’re the perfect place to fulfill all your gardening needs. Explore some of the products that we have available for you.

Our Story

Dogwood Acres Family Farm is a garden center that cultivates annuals in its greenhouses and boasts a team of experts with over a combined 30 years of experience in Middletown, New York. Our value lies in our dedication to the community through charitable events and fundraising efforts. Our mission is to promote sustainability and empower individuals with gardening tools, creating a joyful and wellness-focused environment within the community.